10 Ways to Intervene

*Please note that this list from the National Center on Elder Abuse consists of suggested questions to ask someone you think may be a victim of abuse or mistreatment. It is also suggested to ask these questions in private, where the conversation cannot be overheard.

*ALL interventions MUST consider and prioritize the safety of the victim!

1. Have you seen or talked with friends or family recently? When?

2. Is anyone hurting you? Frightening you? Threatening or intimidating you?

3. Are you taking all of your medications? How do they make you feel? Does someone help you with your medication? If so, who?

4. Has anyone done something to you that caused you pain or discomfort?

5. I noticed (injury). Can you tell me about what happened? have you seen or talked to your doctor about it?

6. Are there any activities that you need assistance with? (i.e. bathing, getting dressed, preparing meals)

7. Are you concerned about your finances? how often do you check them?

8. Who handles your finances? How were they handled a year ago? Two years ago?

9. What kind of food do you have in the housE? How do you prepare it? Do you prepare it yourself or does someone help you?

10. Are you afraid? Worried?

For more suggestions, please visit www.ncea.acl.gov